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Your boat is a large investment and as such, it is important to invest in solid dock construction and boat lifts to ensure that you can care for your boat. With services such as dock inspections and dock repair, we make it easy for you to maintain your aquatic appliances so that your dock and boat will last for years to come. The integrity and durability of our work is of utmost importance meaning you will receive quality work each and every time you choose Diamond 4 Construction, LLC .

Whether you need a custom boat dock installed or dock removals to make way for a modern replacement, Diamond 4 Construction, LLC is the one to call. We have proudly served the Bridgeport, TX area for many years and are proud of the quality dock construction we provide. After all, your boat deserves to have a sturdy place to call home.

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Boat Lifts

Boat Lifts

Boat lifts are vital for the maintenance and care of your vessel. While you can care for most parts of the boat when it is still in the water, the hull of the boat is all but unreachable, making it impossible to perform repairs such as hull painting and maintenance. With our custom dock work and boat lifts, Diamond 4 Construction, LLC can help you to create your own private sanctuary for your boat.

Dock installations are a great way to provide a safe and convenient place to store and maintain your boat. We can help you keep your dock in top condition by providing regular dock inspections and dock maintenance to ensure that your lift and dock continually exceed your expectations and provide consistent service and safety.

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Dock Installations

Dock Installations

For those who own a boat and live on the water, a solid dock installation is necessary to provide safe and easy access to the water. A custom boat dock may be just what you need to give you and your family accessibility to your boat which can prove convenient for enabling your guests to safely board you wayfaring vessel.

While building a dock may seem like a good weekend project, dock construction can be frustrating at best and downright dangerous for the unprepared. Often times installation requires intensive techniques such as pile driving to create a secure fixture that will afford your boat a safe place to rest.

Need to get rid of an old dock before construction? Diamond 4 Construction, LLC happily provides dock removals in addition to dock installations.

Dock Repair

Dock Repair

Even soundly built docks are not impervious to damages and wear. Even freshwater can be extremely corrosive to metal and wood which will hold up for years, but not forever. Our professionals at Diamond 4 Construction, LLC know the ins and outs of dock construction and dock repair work so whether you need a comprehensive work over or a simple touch up, our dock maintenance team can help you to restore your dock.

If your dock is beyond repair, we provide safe and easy dock removals. Our team can help you rip out your old and worn dock so that you can look into dock installations. With modern docks far exceeding their predecessors, you have many options from traditional wooden models that require pile driving to floating docks and more.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call Diamond 4 Construction, LLC in Bridgeport, TX at (940) 704-4515 today!


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